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Please Read The Website’s Disclaimer

By Erika Presson, October 11, 2013


Please read through the Website’s Disclaimer. I’ve tried my best to spare you all from the mumbo jumbo. I know it’s quite long, but everything’s written in layman’s terms and should be easy to understand. (I hope.)

This policy for Life as Mrs. Presson ( is valid from September 10th, 2013 onwards.


Terms of Use

You, the reader of this blog, are using the website at your own free will. All information provided on and taken from this website/blog should be used at your own risk. My website does not offer legal and/or professional advice. Everything posted in here is just based on my (the author’s) experience. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you should stop the use of this website immediately. If you agree with the above statements, please read on.

I reserve the right to change any of these Terms and Conditions at any given time. If I do, don’t worry, I will post an alert on the main index of this website and link to this page. Please read through everything carefully.

Due to the nature of this website, my blog entries and sub-pages provide information at a certain time. My posts and articles may be outdated at the time of reading and it’s best that you research on your own about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, suitability and availability of the topics you’ve read. I usually provide outside links to provide more information and credibility to posts, so please don’t forget to check those. Please double check information with the proper authorities on the subject. It’s only a Google away. If you do find inaccurate information, please don’t hesitate to send me a message through the Contact Page. You may also use Twitter and Facebook to contact me and I will change the information as soon as possible, and will give you credit for it.


Copyright Policy

I, Maria Erika Presson of Life As Mrs. Presson (, am the legal copyright owner of all content (blog posts, written pages) and materials (photos, multimedia) provided in this website, unless otherwise noted. These may not be used, reprinted, and modified or published without my written consent. I do my best to link back and provide information, so please give me the same courtesy. Especially if you’ve used my blog to help you out on your process and you blog about it later on. Please link back to Life As Mrs. Presson (


Hold Harmless

The opinions expressed on my website are solely mine and does not reflect or represent the opinions of anybody including (but not limited to) people related to me nor the company that I work for. This website is for general information, entertainment and documentation/personal purposes only. As expressed above, I do not represent anybody or anyone’s opinions nor do I provide legal, medical and/or any professional advice. If you are seeking a more accurate/precise information about a subject, please search for the official website on Google and/or try contacting key persons/groups that holds authority of those subjects. I am not, in ANY way, connected to the State Department nor USCIS. For US Immigration Information, please contact USCIS or Department of State. For professional medical advice, please contact your local hospital / family’s primary health care physician. For legal advice, contact your lawyer. For emergencies, please dial 911.

I, under no circumstance, will also not be held liable for opinions expressed by third party commenters on this website. (Though I will try my best to screen all comments and delete unnecessary ones.)

To Spelling/Grammar Nazis, please forgive me. Sometimes, I just forget to proof-read. If you find mistakes, please contact me. I will correct them as soon as possible. I come in peace.

I repeat. Please use the information on this website at your own risk. For the last time, I’ll say it again. I do not offer medical, legal, or ANY professional advice.

Also, if you’re trying to access my website and couldn’t get through, it’s possible that:

(1) I am doing maintenance. The website isn’t 100% done so I might be switching a lot of stuff around;

(2) My web host is having technical difficulties or;

(3) I forgot to pay my domain and hosting bills. :P

Seriously though, if it’s unavailable for a certain period of time, please be assured that I am doing my best to get it back up and running.

I mostly post service interruption updated through my Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Please follow me through those social media channels.


Privacy Statement

When you leave a comment and are asked for your contact information, please be assured that I’m keeping that information private. It will never be released/disclosed to the public nor be sold to companies. You will not be spammed. Do keep in mind though that I am not responsible for privacy practices by blog commenters and advertisers. I also use Google Analytics to track visitors, referrers, page views, keywords and such in order to analyze blog statistics and understand my blog users/readers better (That’s you!).


Reserve Rights

I, Maria Erika Presson of Life As Mrs. Presson (, reserve the right to change the focus of my blog. to shut it down, sell it or to change the terms of use at my own discretion. It is, after all, my website. If I decide on making it a photo blog or travel blog of sorts, I can do so, If I want to delete posts and comments. I can do so.


Advertisers and Sponsors

As you all know, my blog has advertisers and sponsors. These are all automatically generated by Google Adsense. Needless to say, I am not responsible for the actions of the companies behind these advertisements. Also, third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on this website. If you have engaged in business with them, you must settle it with them directly. I may have served the advertising link on this website/blog, but you were the one who entered into an agreement and/or transaction with them, so please deal with them directly as I won’t be able to help you. You must contact them and resolve any issues. This interaction / agreement / business / transaction will remain between you and the advertiser/sponsor.


Letters to the Editor

Any letters, e-mails, blog comments, responses and messages sent to me through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) may be used / shared with my blogging and/or Social Media Audience unless specifically requested otherwise. Some parts of (or possibly the whole of) these correspondences . feedback may be used in blog posts, articles, upcoming books and/or other media. Books? Haha, I wish. Again, don’t worry. I will definitely cite your name, unless you don’t want me to.



Thank you for visiting my website/blog. Also, thank you for reading through the whole disclaimer. (No, you won’t get a cookie for it.) Just a BIG THANK YOU. At least, now, we’re on the same page.

Maria Erika Presson (a.k.a. Mrs. Presson)




How To Write A Disclaimer For Your Blog: One That Stands Out (from

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