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Aaaaaalmost done with the K1 Visa Section of the Website! YAY ME!

By Erika Presson

December 28, 2013

I’m finally almost done writing content about the K1 Visa Processes I’ve gone through. I sure hope everyone going through the same process will find the information in my website useful. If you know someone, a family, or friend who is going through the same thing, please share it to their Facebook Timeline, or Twitter or Pinterest, whereever you see fit. My “Share through e-mail” link is currently not working. I’m still looking into it. But you may copy and paste the URL of a page to email it to your friend(s)/family.

Simple Noche Buena and the start of a new tradition: Smores by the fireplace | The Best Christmas Present of ALL | ©2013, Life As Mrs. Presson (

The Best Christmas Present of ALL

By Erika Presson

December 25, 2013

It’s our third (3rd) Christmas together and this is by far the -cheapest- in terms of spending for Christmas and Christmas presents. Why? The past Christmases, we had to fly out to see each other. The only time we didn’t spend Christmas together was our first Christmas as a couple in 2010. We just made it a point to spend our next Christmases together after that.

One of the sandwich bags that I drew on back in November: GRR Scruffy. ANGRY SCRUFFY. That was him that morning. | Scruffy Quote Sunday #5 | © 2013, Life As Mrs. Presson (

Scruffy Quote Sunday No. 5 | Dork Scruffy and his ADORKABLE Ways

By Erika Presson

December 15, 2013

When Scruffy does something incredibly Corny/Cheesy/Embarrassing, he would always say in a sing-song voice…
Scruffy: You LoooOOOoooOOOOooVe MeeEEeeEeee….
And I always reply with…
Erika: Yes I DooOOOooo…. Unfortunately.

EAD / AP Combo Card | Work and Travel Permit; I-765 I-131 | © 2013, USCIS, Life As Mrs. Presson

Got My Work Permit! Up Next, Job Hunt! (EAD / AP Combo Card)

By Erika Presson

December 7, 2013

Wednesday the 27th, Thanksgiving Eve. It was Day 62 after my AOS application was received by USCIS. Just when I was getting worried about not being able to work soon, I hear my phone beep twice. One SMS message, one email. I stopped what I was doing and looked at my phone thinking it was just Christopher texting me on his way to class.