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The Chocolate Flowers and his Man-gift: A Sandwich | Scruffy Quote Sunday No. 8: The Valentine Edition | ©2014 - onwards, Life As Mrs. Presson (

Scruffy Quote Sunday No. 8 | The Valentine Edition

By Erika Presson

February 22, 2014

Both ScruffyHubby and I never really celebrate Valentine’s day but he has been making an effort to be… erm, extremely sweet -cough- during Valentine’s. He knows I hate don’t like flowers. I hate don’t like teddy bears. I hate don’t like expensive jewelry. BUT CHOCOLATE. I don’t hate it at all. HAHA. So, anyway, last […]

The Grand Forks Bus Route | A Mini-Field Trip Within Grand Forks | ©2014 - onwards, Grand Forks CAT, Life As Mrs. Presson (

A Mini-Field Trip Within Grand Forks: The Bus Route & The Public Library

By Erika Presson

February 11, 2014

GOOD NEWS: I will be working for a local software company here in Grand Forks starting next week. YAY! ***By the way, I was supposed to post this blog entry last week***

BAD NEWS: Scruffy and I only share one vehicle. I can’t even take on my “sharing part” yet because I still don’t have my Grand Forks Driver’s License.

SOLUTION: A lot of walking (Read: Exercise!) and make use of the City Bus. (But hey, I’m not complaining. IT’S WAY BETTER out here than riding the Public Bus in Manila. Haha.)

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Expats Blog: Asking for a Small Favor, You Guys.

By Erika Presson

February 7, 2014

Hello Friends and Dear Readers,

My application to the Expats Blog listing was just approved. If you like my blog, or well, just liked Scruffy Quote Sunday (LOL), or helped you in any way through my I-129F / K1 / AOS Guides, I’d like to ask for a small bit of favor…

Scruffy Quote Sunday No. 7 | Honeymoon’s Over, Babe.

By Erika Presson

February 2, 2014

August 19th, 2013: On the way to Grand Forks municipal court where we were going to get married, he played “Bonnie and Clyde” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the stereo. I laughed so hard, I cried. I don’t know if it was the CHEESE or him playing Beyoncé FULL BLAST.