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K1 Visa Interview (Checklist, Walkthrough, Experience, Questions)

By Erika Presson
Last Updated: December 22, 2013


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Let’s recap the previous stages before we start discussing the K1 Visa Interview:

1. The US Citizen Fiancé(e) has filed an application for the Foreign Fiancé(e)’s I-129F Petition and has been approved.

2. You already have your NVC Case Number. (For other nations: You must wait for your Packet 3 from your designated consulate)

3. You, the Foreign fiancé(e), have already paid your K1 Visa Fee at BPI (Country-specific: Philippines)

4. You, the Foreign fiancé(e), have already scheduled your K1 Visa Interview Online. (Country-specific: Philippines)

5. You, the Foreign fiancé(e), have passed your Medical Exam. (Country-specific: Philippines)


Congratulations! Now, you need to gather documents for your K1 Visa Interview!

There are a lot of things to prepare for your upcoming K1 Visa Interview. Make sure you have everything before showing up for your interview. Incomplete documents might lead to non-admittance at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate, or it might result with the dreaded 221G, also known as the Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which *could* mean you lack required documents and/or your case need additional Administrative Processing/Review.


Here are some resources for your K1 Visa Interview:

Life As Mrs. Presson | K1 Visa Interview Requirements and Checklist

K1 Visa Interview Requirements and Checklist »

These are the official documents and forms needed by the US Embassy/Consulate. Some of these documents in the list are specifically for the Philippines though.

Q4 2013 Update: The process has changed and USEM application forms are now accomplished online(Form: DS-160)

*** ONLY DS-160 Online is required for K1 Applicants. For other IV applicants, DS-260 and DS-261 are required. ***

Read more »

Life As Mrs. Presson | K1 Visa Interview Walkthrough

K1 Visa Interview Walkthrough (Philippines) »

This is a walkthrough of the K1 Visa Interview Process in the U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines (USEM).

Note: My K1 Visa Interview happened on June 13th, 2012. My walkthrough might be a bit *outdated* but it should give you an idea on what happens when you’re inside USEM.

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#FlashbackFriday: What Happened During My K1 Visa Interview at USEM

My K1 Visa Interview Experience (Philippines; USEM)

While I am here in the US already and already happily married with my then-fiancé, I went through a very distasteful ordeal with my K1 Visa Interview at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines. Please note that my story/experience is not, in any way, a means to put the consular officers at USEM in a bad light. It is not my intention to generalize/tarnish the reputation of the consular officers nor the State Department as a whole in Manila. It is an isolated case but is rather unfortunate that it had to happen to us.

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My "Packet 3" from U.S. Embassy Manila. It arrived on May 30, 2013 when I was already done with my K1 Visa Payment, Scheduling my K1 Visa Interview, Medical Exam and CFO Seminar. Haha. It also contained a copy of our approved I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition | NVC CEAC Status Tracker | ©2013, Life As Mrs. Presson (

K1 Visa Interview Questions

These are just sample questions that may be asked of you during the interview. These questions are based on what I was asked during my experience, and some are from my friends’/others’ experiences. Feel free to read through so you’d have an idea on what to expect. The only thing you have to remember is BE HONEST in answering the questions asked by the consular officer.

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Disclaimer: I do not work for nor am I affiliated with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs and the U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines. This guide was made with the sole intention of helping other K1 applicants to understand what goes on during the K1 Visa Process. For the full disclaimer, please click here.



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  1. Mary Grace says:

    Hi Mrs. Presson. How long does it take for the US Embassy of Manila to contact me? Will they call or email the beneficiaries?

    We received the NVC letter 4 days ago (though it was dated July 8, it took 2 weeks to reach the island in Alaska) and it says for me to complete the Form 160 for the meantime. Do I need to wait for them before I can schedule an appointment? Also my fiance already sent me the requirements for my interview (with June as the last payslip and bank statement). What if my interview turned out to be on September or October? Do he need to send me the additional two months that follow like July and Aug? Usually it takes two weeks for the documents to get here in the Philippines. Thanks a lot in advance! Your site has been very helpful to us.

  2. jeremy says:

    This Manila consular agents take people as a fool. They request documents even you send them they even don’t touch them. When you keep calling them and the recognize your case and phone number the swing the call to a busy line and no one will pick it up. I am sorry but we are paying a lot of money to them before everything can be done, so why so many shame from them. They have their own documents delivery service (2go presumably the fastest and adequate) which you have to submit everything; unfortunately, it take them forever to confirm the delivery after weeks or months.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about this.

      With sending 221G documents through 2Go, they provide a tracking number for that. But yes, I had to follow-up my case multiple times, too. There are a lot of cases that the US Embassy (especially in Manila) are processing and are they are taking the necessary administrative processes and background checks. True, this ‘confirmation’ could be improved, but in reality, it is out of our control. We all have to wait.

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