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K1 Visa Holder Interviews: 90-Day Fiancé(e)s

By Erika Presson
Last Updated: March 16, 2014


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By now, you already know that K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Holders have only 90 days to marry their foreign fiancé(e)s thus the term 90-day fiancé(e). Below you will find a list of interviews of past/current Visa Holders who are now happily married to their then-fiancé(e)’s. We will release one (1) couple’s story on a weekly bi-monthly basis. (…Or whenever I can work on the blog. Sorry! I’m getting pretty busy with work and wifely duties!) Scheduled dates are not final. They can be switched around. If you want to share your story and be featured here, please send me an email through the contact form.


Why are we doing this?

To educate the public of what the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa really is. Our aim is to bring you full stories – from the start of our relationships, filing the petitions, acquiring the K1 visa, getting married, our struggles with moving to the U.S., and the processes we still have to go through after moving. We hope that by reading through it, people will understand that the immigration processes we’ve gone/still are going through is no easy matter. We left our families, our jobs, our careers back in our home country to be with the one we love.


These are our stories.

Real Life. Real Couples. Not the *cough-edited-cough* drama you see on TV. (No, I’m not saying that they’re not real couples, nor their struggles are fake… but the show hasn’t been entirely clear about the whole immigration process nor the true nature of the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa.)


Rio & Westin | K1 Visa Holder Weekly Interviews | © Rio & Westin (

Rio and Westin (Missouri) »

Quick Facts: Have known each other since 2005; First met in person in 2012; Met 3 times in total before getting married in the US.


Steve & Joan | K1 Visa Holder Weekly Interviews | © Steve & Joan (

Steve and Joan (Hawaii) »

Quick Facts: First met in person in 2012; Have met 4 times in total before getting married in the US.


Lenie & Jonathan | K1 Visa Holder Weekly Interviews | © Lenie & Jonathan (

Juddy and Don (Virginia) »

Quick Facts: First met in 1998; Have met multiple times since then and decided to go through the Fiancé(e) Visa route in May 2012.


Lenie & Jonathan | K1 Visa Holder Weekly Interviews | © Lenie & Jonathan (

Lenie and Jonathan (California) »

Quick Facts: First met online in 2008 and met in person 3 years later when Jonathan stayed with her and her family in Manila in 2011.


LA & Dave | K1 Visa Holder Weekly Interviews | © LA & Dave (

L.A. and Dave (Illinois) »

Quick Facts: Childhood friends back in the early 90’s, lost communication and reconnected through Facebook. Happily married in 2012. Now they have a beautiful baby boy.


Veronica & Greg | K1 Visa Holder Weekly Interviews | © Veronica & Greg (

Veronica and Greg (Indiana) »

Quick Facts: First met online in 2004. They’ve met twice in person in 2010 and 2012. Greg also petitioned for Veronica’s youngest son as K2.


K1 Visa Holder Interview: Mau & Alain | © Mau & Alain (

Mau and Alain (Oregon) »

Quick Facts: First met in 2003 through a common friend. They have a daughter (K2) and are expecting their 2nd child together.


K1 Visa Holder Interviews: Cherish & Thad (Minnesota) | © Cherish & Thad (

Cherish and Thad (Minnesota) »

Quick Facts: Met online in a Christian Dating site in 2010. First met in person when Thad went to the Philippines in 2012 to visit Cherish and her family.


K1 Visa Holder Interviews: Mary & TQ (California)

Mary & TQ (California) »

Quick Facts: Met through a common friend in 2012. Underwent the CRBA process while doing the K1 Visa process for their baby girl. <3


K1 Visa Holder Interviews: Jared & Elena (New York)

Jared & Elena (New York) »

Quick Facts: Met by chance in Russia in 2010 when Jared was on his study-abroad program.


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Avril and Jonathan (Colorado) »

Quick Facts: They are *actually* related.


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Erika and Chris (North Dakota) »

Quick Facts: We weren’t exactly looking for a relationship but somehow we met randomly in an online chatroom. I repeat: Randomly. :P


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Elizabeth and Brandon (Colorado) »

Quick Facts: They met online in 2012 and are now happily married for more than a year.


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Darl and Mitch (Kentucky) »

Quick Facts: These lovebirds met when Mitch went on a mission in the Philippines.


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Melissa and Jerrico (California) »

Quick Facts: Met at an (gaming) arcade. They are sweethearts since their teenage years, that’s 7 years and counting!


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Marianne and Jack (Washington)

Scheduled: May 2015


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Guen and Bt (Oregon)

Scheduled: May 2015


Life As Mrs. Presson, © 2013 - onwards. (

Steph and Timothy (Pennsylvania)

Scheduled: June 2015

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