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Mrs. Presson’s Timeline: I-129F Petition, K1 Fiancée Visa, AOS, ROC, and Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)

By Erika Presson
Last Updated: October 15, 2013


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The Route We Took: Fiancé(e) Petition / Visa

Christopher and I, after just months of online dating, already knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. You know what they say, “You’ll KNOW when you meet the right person”. (-cough-CHEESE-cough-). Cheesy, but true.  We got engaged in November of 2010 but we both knew we were relatively young at the time we decided to get married. He had school and I still have my career going on. We didn’t want to jump right into marriage. It’s a pretty short timeline from dating to engagement to marriage. We wanted to wait it out and see what happens with a long engagement.

It was March 2011 when he first went to Manila to visit me and my family. He wanted to make a grand proposal but I didn’t want him to. He ended up proposing officially at the airport parking lot, under the heat of the Summer Sun. (Haha, I was quite thankful that there weren’t any spectators.) He was only there for a week so we had to meet family and friends every single day until he left.

In December 2011, as I have been previously issued a 10-year Multiple-Entry US Tourist Visa, I went to the US to spend Christmas and New Years with him and his family. His mom was in Denver at the time and we both flew in to meet there. He flew in from Grand Forks and I from Los Angeles. After spending a week in Denver, Christopher, his mom and I all flew to Raleigh, North Carolina and drove all the way to Southport to stay with his family. We all flew back to Denver, Colorado before New Years 2012. I left for the Philippines just two days after his birthday.

It was Summer of 2012, back when he lived with me in Makati, Philippines, when we thought of getting married, but we decided against it because we both knew the Fiancé(e) Petition / Visa was the way to go. We’d need actual evidence of our relationship in order to get moving with the visa process, anyway. He spent 3 months living with me. He did online summer classes while I worked. We also did a lot of traveling within Asia. He flew back to the US in August 2012.

In October 2012, a month and a half after returning to the U.S., he sent in our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition paperwork to USCIS. Just months later, it was his turn to spend Christmas and New Years with my family. He was in Manila for just 2 weeks though.

We got our petition approval notice on April 25th 2013, exactly 6 months after we got the Acceptance Notice in October of 2012. And this was when the Visa Process actually started. He went back to Manila to be with me during the K1 Visa Interview in June 2013 at the US Embassy Manila. We were held at Administrative Review, but that’s another story. Thankfully, my K1 Fiancé(e) Visa was issued through the help of the office of Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota.

2010 July 10 | Christopher and I met on Omegle.

2010 October 10 | Christopher and I officially became a couple. (Yes, we decided to have labels)

2010 November 27 | We got engaged and decided to make it a long engagement.

2011 March 14 to 21 | Christopher visited me during his Spring Break. (Formally proposed and asked for my hand in marriage from my parents)

2011 December 13 to 2012 January 11 | I spent almost a month in the US to be with Christopher and his family for Christmas and New Years.

2012 May 14 to August 11 | Christopher moved to Makati to live with me for the whole of his Summer (Almost 3 months). We’ve traveled together to Hong Kong (SAR) and Singapore too.

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U.S. Immigration Timeline

Below you will find my timeline for all the Immigration / Immigration-related processes that I’ve gone through as well as blog posts/pages related to them:

I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition [6 months]

We were part of the 2012 July-October USCIS-CSC Blackhole. We contacted our representative about the USCIS I-129F processing delays (attributed to DACA). It was put together by I&B and can be found here.


2012 October 17 | We filed for our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition.

2012 October 25 | We received our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition Acceptance Notice (NOA 1).

2012 December 21 to 2013 January 2  | Christopher flew to Manila to spend Christmas and New Years with me and my family this time around.

2013 April 25 | We received our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition Approval Notice (NOA 2).

2013 April 30 | Sent a Case Number inquiry using USCIS Receipt # to

K1 Visa Process [2 months]

2013 May 9 | Received MNL Case Number from NVC (After USCIS lost our case file to NRC!)

2013 May 10 | Received Case Number Confirmation Email from sent April 30th.

2013 May 10 | Paid at BPI, Schedule Interview to June 13th; Christopher booked his flight to Manila from June 11th-19th.

2013 May 14 & 15 | Medical Exam at SLEC

2013 May 30 | US Embassy Manila Mail arrived: Contains a notification letter that our case is at the Embassy and a copy of our approved I-129F Petition

2013 May 30 | CFO Seminar

2013 June 10 to 19 | Christopher went to Manila to be present with me at my K1 Visa Interview.

2013 June 13 | Interview at USEM with Christopher; Issued 221g; Placed on AP

2013 June 22 | Sent 221g Docs

2013 June 24 | USEM Received 221g Docs

2013 July 1 | Called USEM IV Unit; Still not approved – AP Status

2013 July 1 | Christopher sent an email to Congressman Cramer of ND asking for assitance on an Official Inquiry; Less than 12 hours later they replied and said their contact at DoS will send in an official Inquiry to the USEM Consular Office

2013 July 5 | CEAC Status changed to READY

2013 July 5/6 | Received email from Congressional Cramer’s Aide that our Visa got approved!!!!(It was the 6th at 2am here. LOL)

2013 July 8 | Submitted Resignation at Work

2013 July 8 @ 2pm | CEAC Status Update – READY 

2013 July 8 @ 5pm | CEAC Status Update – AP “Final Processing” Said to check back after 2 days.

2013 July 10 @ 12nn | CEAC Status Update – ISSUED!!!!!!!!

2013 July 12 @ 3pm | Ready for Pick up at MOA. Tracked it through and 2GO using UID found in the confirmation letter. Got the 2GO text at 5pm.

2013 July 17 | Life Insurance Policy Update: Christopher as Sole Beneficiary.


Moving, Getting Married and Paperwork [Almost 1.5 months]

2013 July 31 | CFO Sticker

2013 August 6 | Last day at work

2013 August 8 | POE at SFO

2013 August 10 | Arrived in Grand Forks, ND

2013 August 11 | Joint Bank Account Update

2013 August 19 | Civil Wedding at GFK County Courthouse (FINALLY!)

2013 August 20 | SSN Application (Maiden Name); Card will be mailed in 10 days

2013 August 23 | SSN Card received. Well, didn’t expect that to arrive right away. Heh.

2013 August 30 | Report of Marriage sent to the Philippine Consulate in Chicago

2013 September 1 | Life, Medical, Car Insurance Updates

2013 September 4 | PCC processes Report of Marriage

2013 September 7 | Report of Marriage: Return Documents received from the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago


Adjustment of Status [Approved! 7 months]

2013 September 10 | Went to Family Health Care Fargo, ND to get added Immunizations and I-693 Transcription.

2013 September 24 | Sent our AOS/EAD/AP package through USPS

2013 September 26 | Delivered with Signature Confirmation from USPS

2013 October 2 @ 10:30pm | NOA1 / USCIS Texts Received for all three cases (AOS, EAD, AP)

2013 October 7 @ 4pm | NOA1 Hardcopies for all 3 cases arrive in the mail

2013 October 8 | Biometrics Appointment Notice Date (as noted in the letter/mail header)

2013 October 9 | Biometrics Appointment Letter sent out by USCIS

2013 October 12 | Biometrics Appointment Received in the mail.

2013 October 29 | Biometrics Appointment at USCIS Fargo, ND

2013 November 7 | USCIS Change of Address (Online); Email confirmation was sent within minutes

2013 November 14 | USCIS Change of Address Mail (Hard copy) received

2013 November 27 | USCIS SMS and Notification: I-765 (EAD) and I-131 (AP) Approval!

2013 December 2 | USCIS SMS and Email Notification: USPS Tracking Number for EAD and AP

2013 December 4 | Received EAD/AP Card in the Mail

2013 December 16 | SSA Appointment for Name Change from Maiden to Married Name; Card will be mailed in 10 days

2013 December 20 | Applied for a North Dakota State ID. Had to surrender my Philippine Driver’s License.

2013 December 23 | SS Card arrived in the mail. Married name on Card.

2014 January 17 | Notice of Potential Interview Waiver Case receive in the mail. (Sent to Old Address even if my USCIS Case Status says that my address was changed on November 6th, 2013. Case Status on Initial Review since November 6th)

2014 January 30 | First Job Interview; Hired on the spot! YAY! :D

2014 February 10 | First Day at Work; Finally back in the workforce since leaving previous work in Manila on August 6th, 2013 (About 6 months)

2014 May 1@ 9:45am | Adjustment of Status I-485 approved and switched to Card Production (Ordered card). No interview needed! :)

[3 months and 22 days from the “Potential Interview Waiver Case” letter; and/or Exactly 7 months from NOA1]

2014 May 1@ 7:46pm | Adjustment of Status I-485 (AOS) Status switched from Card Production to Decision (Registered Status / ADIT Processing).

2014 May 6@ 9:00am | Adjustment of Status I-485 (AOS) Status switch from Decision to Card Production (Sent out to mail courier).

2014 May 6 @ 5:30pm | Adjustment of Status I-485 (AOS) Status update on Card Production (USPS picked up mail and gave out Tracking Number).

2014 May 6 @ 5:30pm | Adjustment of Status I-485 Status update on Card Production (USPS picked up mail and gave out Tracking Number). Checked USPS, Expected Delivery on Friday, May 8th.

2014 May 7 @ 11:00am | USCIS Mail (Green Card) Out for Delivery, 2 days ahead of schedule! Good job, USPS! :) [It wasn’t left in our mailbox. Weird, USPS Tracker said it was Available For Pick-up]


2014 May 8 @ 11:00am | USCIS Mail (Green Card) Delivered, still a day ahead of schedule. Haha.

Processes In-Between [2015]

2015 May | Philippine eCensus Certificates (Ordered online: Marriage Certificate and CEMAR)

2015 May | Updated SSS and Pag-ibig Information (Married Name, Marital Status, and Beneficiary, through Representative in the Philippines)

2015 July 22 | North Dakota Driver’s Permit

2015 August 8 | Philippine Consular Outreach (ePassport Renewal to Married Name)

2015 August 11 | North Dakota Road Test and Driver’s License

2015 September 4 | Sun Life Insurance Policy Update (Married Name, Marital Status, and Beneficiary)

2015 October 27 | Philippine ePassport with Married Name delivered (Passport Renewal from August 2015; 11 weeks and 4 days from application)


Removing of Conditions (ROC) [Approved! 6 Months, 14 Days]


2016 January 3 | USCIS Sent a Notice to file I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

2016 January 12 | Filed for AR-11 Change of Address Online. Instant Confirmation.

2016 January 16 | Started to organize all the documents needed for ROC

2016 January 31 | Requested IRS Transcripts and Account Summaries for Tax Years 2013 and 2014

2016 February 10 | Still waiting for the last part of documents needed: New Apartment Lease in MN

2016 February 17 | Sent in application for I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (USPS Priority Mail Express / Overnight)

2016 February 18 | USCIS Receives I-751 ROC Package

2016 February 22 | Received hardcopy of I-797 Notice of Action (NOA1) for I-751; Permanent Residence and Work Authorization extended for a year.

2016 February 27 | USCIS issues Biometrics Appointment Letter for my I-751 / CRI-89 Case

2016 March 5 | Received hardcopy of I-797C Notice of Action (NOA1) for I-751- Biometrics Appointment with new Case Number (Application Case Number 2)

2016 March 17 | Biometrics Appointment at the USCIS Application Service Center in St. Paul, MN

2016 August 31 @ 2:00pm (SMS) | Removing of Conditions I-751 / CRI89 APPROVED and switched to “New Card Is Being Produced”. No interview needed! :)

2016 September 3 @ 2:05pm (Email) | Removing of Conditions I-751 / CRI89 indicated
“Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production (We ordered your new card…)”.

2016 September 8 @ 9:01pm (SMS) | Removing of Conditions I-751 / CRI89 status switched to
“Card Was Mailed to Me”. (No Tracking Number)

2016 September 8 @ 9:01pm (Email) | Removing of Conditions I-751 / CRI89 indicated
“Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production (We mailed your new card…)”.

2016 September 10 @ 11:00am | My 10-year I-551 Permanent Resident Card was delivered to our mailbox through USPS Priority Mail.

2016 September 10 @ 12:51pm (Email) | Removing of Conditions I-751 / CRI89 indicated
“Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production (The Post Office delivered your new card…)”.

2016 September 10 @ 1:01pm (SMS) | Removing of Conditions I-751 / CRI89 status switched to
“Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office”. (Indicated the USPS Tracking Number)


Naturalization / U.S. Citizenship Application (N-400) [On-going]

2017 January 31st | N-400 Early Filing Eligibility = 90 days before the 3rd year Permanent Residence Anniversary

2017 March 8th | Filed 2016 Income Taxes

2017 March 12th | IRS Auto-debited Payment

2017 March 14th | IRS Payment Posted

2017 March 17th | Requested IRS Transcripts Online

2017 March 20th | Supporting Documents get notarized at the bank

2017 March 24th | IRS Transcripts get delivered

2017 March 28th | Mailing of N-400 Application Forms and Supporting Documents/Requirements

2017 March 31st @ 3pm | Delivered and Received at USCIS PO Box in Phoenix, Arizona (USPS Tracking and Signature Confirmation)

2017 April 7th @ 11:30pm | G-1145/NOA1 Text and Email Received along with Case Number and noted that I-797 to follow in the mail.

2017 April 12th @ 9:30am | Case Updated on myUSCIS: Fingerprint/Biometrics schedule mailed. Received both email and text alerts.

2017 April 14th @ 12:00nn | NOA1 and Biometrics Appointment hard copies arrive in the mail.


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  1. fatima says:

    Hi, I hope you can answer this for us, did you apply for your SS first before the filling for the AOS/AED? which one would you recommend doing first? You also indicated that Fiancee visa means you can legally work as well, did I read it right? thank you so much, you have been a great help in our journey :)

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Mrs. Presson,

    My visa just changed to “issued” today, do u have any idea how long will it take to have it delivered to our home?

    Thank u

  3. chinkee says:

    Hi i just want to ask. Im confused here. I already schedule an interview by June. Is it really important that I should have the mail from Embassy that contains a notification letter that our case is at the embassy? Or can i just present the I-129F petition approval? Im scared that I might be ask to go back again for my interview if I dont have the said letter.:( please help.

  4. Tzi says:

    Hi! Just clarifications about Biometrics appointment. How did you receive on Oct. 8 the Biometrics appointment notice date … by mail, text, or email? What do you mean by “Biometrics appointment letter sent out” on Oct 9? How did you receive on Oct 12 the biometrics appointment… by mail, text, or email? Thanks a lot!

  5. Rei says:

    Thanks for your speedy reply. Yup, we are under the jurisdiction of Chigago PCG since we are from OH.

    Getting it notarized was another thing I was wondering about. It was not stated in the requirements for Chicago but I read that for the other consulates, it has to be notarized. I’m glad though that photos are not needed XD

    Thank you so much for your help :) BTW, cool blog! Glad I found it :)

    • Mrs. Presson says:

      You’re welcome! Glad to help. Notarized forms are needed when you’re applying for ROM through mail. Usually, banks offer free notarial services to their clients.

      Thanks so much! The blog is fairly new (well, a few months old), and as you can see I’m still working on content. Haha XD

  6. Rei says:

    Hi! Just wanted to ask regarding Report of Marriage. We are about to submit our application but I would just like to clarify, are photos needed (2×2 or something)? I just found it a bit odd that only the Consulate in Chicago doesn’t seem to require them. Also the date format for the oath is a little confusing, ____day of ______at ____. Not sure what to put after at, just wondering what you guys wrote. Thanks! :)

    • Mrs. Presson says:

      Hi Rei! Haha, Sorry I’m running behind on posting articles. That’s actually included in the upcoming articles I -need to- write and publish.

      Anyway, Are you under Chicago PCG? If so, you don’t need to submit 2×2 photos. Our photos were returned to us along with the Report of marriage Form. True. It is odd because other consulates require photos.

      As for the oath, you’re not supposed to be the one to sign that though. You have to have your Report of marriage forms notarized. You have to sign the ROM form with the Notary Public as your witness. That NP will sign that part as: Date day of Month at Place

      Example: 10th day of April at Grand Forks, North Dakota

      Hope that helps! :)

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