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Mr. & Mrs. Presson

By Erika Presson
Last Updated: October 5, 2013


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Most people don’t know our story. They just know that we met online. That’s it. They instantly assume that we met on a dating site. Well, it wasn’t a dating site. We weren’t even looking for a relationship back then. We just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. Literally. Curious now? Well, just how did Mr. & Mrs. Presson meet?


We both were bored out of our minds.

July 11, 2010, early Sunday morning at 5am (PH, July 10th in the US!). I was watching the FIFA World Cup Finals on TV since 2:30am. It was the final game between Spain and The Netherlands. Spain had already won.

Erika live plurking the July 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals | We Found Love in a Hop... well, Omegle. | © 2013, Plurk, Life As Mrs. Presson (

Erika live plurking the July 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals | We Found Love in a Hop… well, Omegle. | © 2013, Plurk, Life As Mrs. Presson (

I logged on my Plurk account and read my friends’ timelines because I didn’t want to sleep yet. I chanced upon a link posted by one of my friends. It was Omegle. From his description, it was like ChatRoulette. At that time, it didn’t have webcam capabilities. It didn’t have any other features, actually. (Or I didn’t notice anything at all). It was just plain chatting (With a stranger, of course!). So I said to myself, “Yeah sure. Why not? I got time to kill. It’s Sunday. Besides, it’s pretty safe. No way of knowing who you’re chatting with, nor would they trace where you are at the moment.” So I clicked on it.

It was his Saturday afternoon, July 10th. He just got home from work and was taking a break. He heard about this website called Omegle from one of his best friends. Bored and left with nothing else to do, he went on ahead and surfed on that website.

A Screenshot of a newer Omegle, with all new features | We Found Love in a Hop... well, Omegle. | © 2013, Omegle, Life As Mrs. Presson (

A Screenshot of a newer Omegle, with all new features | We Found Love in a Hop… well, Omegle. | © 2013, Omegle, Life As Mrs. Presson (

I clearly remember that there were 14,000+ users online. I clicked on “Start Chat” and I was chatting with a Stranger.

A sample screenshot (without a cam) of a live chat in Omegle | We Found Love in a Hop... well, Omegle. | © 2013, Omegle, Life As Mrs. Presson (

A sample screenshot (without a cam) of a live chat in Omegle | We Found Love in a Hop… well, Omegle. | © 2013, Omegle, Life As Mrs. Presson (

Of course, the first Stranger I was paired up with was a pervert. I don’t need to say what was typed in that 2-second chat window. I immediately disconnected. The beauty of Omegle is, you get paired up with one of these thousands of strangers, and if you don’t want to talk to the person, you just immediately disconnect and pair up with another one. Needless to say, it took me 3 more “disconnects”. I said to myself, “I give up. If this last person turns out to be like the previous ones. I’m leaving and going to bed.” For the 5th time that morning, I click on “Start Chat” again.


No, It didn’t start with “ASL?”

The Stranger on the other end said, “Hi. How are you?” I replied with, “Doing great, and you?” He said, “Oh, not too bad. What’s your first name?” For a second I hesitated, then I thought, “It’s just a name.” I went on ahead and said, “Erika, and you?” He said, “Chris”.

We asked each other where we’re both from, if we’re studying or working. He said, he’s 20. (I was 27 at the time.) I immediately said, “Urk, I’m old.” He said it didn’t matter. Talked with him some more, it felt safe to disclose a little bit of information. Well, obviously I’m Asian and he poked fun of my height. And I poked fun on him about “being a nerd living in mom’s basement who can’t approach a girl in real life” defending himself (no, there’s nothing wrong with being a “nerd”. it’s just playful banter), he said it’s fine to swap photos. We both gave each other a direct link to one of our Facebook photos. Just the link, no last names yet. We continued talking and immediately I wanted to test how he’d react if he knew I was a Backstreet Boys fan. He said it’s fine but not his cup of tea. Haha.

It was getting really late (or should I say early?) The sun has already risen. And I knew any second, we might get disconnected. (Yeah, Internet connectivity in Manila is rather sucky.) We exchanged Yahoo! Messenger  ID’s and added each other on Facebook. We bid each other goodbye. I slept and after a few hours, I woke up and there he was on Yahoo! Messenger.

I went online, and he sent me an instant message. Not a single day passed by without IM’ing, posting on each others’ Facebook walls, Texting (SMS) and Tweeting. Yes, since July 2010.

So to the person who created OmegleLeif K-Brooks, a BIG THANK YOU from us both.


Visits, Trips and Immigration Timeline (Until Marraige)

2010 July 10 | Christopher and I met on Omegle.

2010 October 10 | Christopher and I officially became a couple. (Yes, we decided to have labels)

2010 November 27 | We got engaged and decided to make it a long engagement.

2011 March 14 to 21 | Christopher visited me during his Spring Break. (Formally proposed and asked for my hand in marraige from my parents)

2011 December 13 to 2012 January 11 | I spent almost a month in the US to be with Christopher and his family for Christmas and New Years.

2012 May 14 to August 11 | Christopher moved to Makati to live with me for the whole of his Summer (Almost 3 months). We’ve traveled together to Hong Kong (SAR) and Singapore too.

2012 October 17 | We filed for our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition.

2012 October 25 | We received our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition Acceptance Notice (NOA 1).

2012 December 21 to 2013 January 2  | Christopher flew to Manila to spend Christmas and New Years with me and my family this time around.

2013 April 25 | We received our I-129F Fiancé(e) Petition Approval Notice (NOA 2).

2013 May 9 | NVC issued our MNL Case Number.

2013 June 10 to 19 | Christopher went to Manila to be present with me at my K1 Visa Interview.

2013 June 13 | My K1 Visa Interview at the U.S. Embassy Manila.

2013 July 5 | K1 Visa approval through inquiries made by Congressman Cramer’s office.

2013 August 8 | Arrived in the U.S. (POE: San Francisco International Airport).

2013 August 19 | Finally Married!

For my FULL Immigration Timeline please visit this page.

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  1. wantaps says:

    Hi! I really like your story. My boyfriend and I had been on-line friends for 8 years before we became a couple. We’re now in a relationship for almost 4 years (one month to go). We will be filing our Fiance Petition this week and I hope everything will go well just like yours. It’s just too bad that in our four-year relationship, we only had been together in person for two weeks. Hopefully, we’ll still be approved. :)

    • Thanks wantaps!

      Wow, that’s a pretty long time. I don’t know how you guys endured that long of an LDR. Will cross my fingers for you!

      Oh, don’t worry. There are other cases that have been approved with just having met less than a week face-to-face and/or just meeting online a for a few months (less than a year), visiting then filing the petition. So I’m sure you’d be fine. ;)

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